Demo '16

by Ruse

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released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Ruse Tulsa, Oklahoma

No Tolerance for ignorance OKHC

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Track Name: Harsh Reality
You're facing something you'll have a side to choose can't make excuses you can't run from the truth. Break the silence show your insides slam regret burn the lies. For every sucker drowning in demise I refuse to sink severe all the cowards ties fierce discipline harsh reality feel these mother fuckers trembling beneath my feet. I can't forget this life is a ruse but I refuse to kneel before the powers of few. Bare your teeth show your scars standing tall against the world. Fierce discipline harsh reality feel these mother fuckers trembling. Never forget.
Track Name: Lost Cause
I didn't choose to be this way question my faith in people everyday heartache from a lost cause negative approach fucked up thoughts make me think about the things I never was make me think about the strive to be someone worth the love you never called me a friend but i'm the reason for so much hate you never called me your own yet i'm still to blame for anyone for anything for everyone for everything
Track Name: Grim Visions
For every time stabbed in the back what's another kick to the face don't know how much more I can take my will's about to break. You fucking coward that's all I hear death comes ripping. Tie the noose around my neck I hate this life I fucking quit no more pain no more sorrow nothing left for tomorrow. But no matter how bleak life gets I stare death in the face and say fuck you.
Track Name: New Order
You think you own the world and it's making me sick keep flexing abuse of power protect your fucking neck. An eye for an eye and a head for a fucking head. You think you own the world and it's making me sick one nation under god burning crosses fueled by hate. (you racist you make me fucking sick). Everyday my blood runs cold at the thought of me losing control no power new order you're about to feel the force of a crippled youth. RUSE FUCKING CREW. ERADICATE THE SCUM.